#FaithFamilyFarm and FRIENDS!

AHS Class of 1980 Reunion

Oh what a night…late September, back in ’22. The Ashbrook Class of 1980 just had their reunion, delayed two years because of Covid, and it was such a wonderful night!

We hosted the event here at The Farm and it was such a pleasure to have everyone here! The weather was perfect, the food was great (@Ole Carolina BBQ) and the fellowship was even better! As I watched Carl and all of his classmates catch up with each other, their lifelong friendships were evident. From their hugs and handshakes, stories and laughter, it was clear that this face to face event was special for this wonderful group of classmates.

In an era when social media seems to rule the day, I couldn’t help but be reminded of just how important it is to actually spend time with the people we call our friends. We can get so busy with all the day-in, day-out things, but on this special reunion evening, it was so apparent that these friends, many since elementary school, enjoyed the chance to authentically engage with each other. Facebook and Instagram will never replace the value of real friends getting together to catch up and reminisce.

As we usher in fall, may we each slow down just a bit and make time for what really matters. Let’s not let ten or twelve years go by before we connect with friends and catch up face to face again.

Ashbrook’s Class of 1980, it was such an honor to celebrate with each of you! To the reunion committee, “Thank you for all you did to make this night so special!” We hope you all treasure the memories made as much as we do, and let’s not wait so long to see everyone again!

#FaithFamilyFarm #FaithFamilyFriends #AHSClassof80 #AHS1980

“A friend loves at all times…”

Proverbs 17:7a

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