Sunday Shoes!

SHOES are the inspiration for today’s quick post! Thanks to our sweet friend Melanie for snapping this picture of the mudroom at our house here at The Farm! A few weeks ago we had EVERYONE home! Usually, it is just the two of us, but we had all of the children, grands and special loved…

Not Today T-shirt

Thursday’s Thoughts

A couple of months ago, I wrote this devotional for a writing contest and since it wasn’t selected to be published, it just sat in a file on my computer. I have thought about sharing it a couple of times, and something always sidetracked me, but today I decided to post it. So, for those…

A Snowy Slow-down at The Farm!

Our projects are on hold, a fire is burning in the fireplace for the third day in a row, and Katie Fforde’s A Springtime Affair is by my side along with a steaming mug of tea and Charley (my Goldendoodle)! A white blanket of snow has ushered in a welcomed slow-down here at our farm…

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