Sunday Shoes!

SHOES are the inspiration for today’s quick post! Thanks to our sweet friend Melanie for snapping this picture of the mudroom at our house here at The Farm!

A few weeks ago we had EVERYONE home! Usually, it is just the two of us, but we had all of the children, grands and special loved ones here at once! It was such a fun couple of days to laugh and make memories. What a blessing to see our original five grow to ten and counting.

This picture of shoes reminds me of so much today! Maybe at your house its piles of laundry or something else. But, for me it’s the shoes and boots by the back door that trigger so much emotion. I can’t help but think of family, friends, laughter, sweet tears, plans, dreams, answered prayers, and continued fervent prayers for each person who wears these shoes and so much more!

From our family farm to you and yours, we wish you a great week ahead! Circumstances in this world and in our individual lives may be complicated, challenging and often hard to understand, but we have so many opportunities for joy and rejoicing! This week, make some memories with those you love, find joy in the little things and smile at those piles of shoes by the door!

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