Hello from The Farm!  Today is one of those days in which I feel like I have so much to say and nothing to say at the same time.  Have you ever been there? 

Earlier in the week, I listened to a group of talented women talk about tips for promoting businesses and how to pitch stories to others.  I was intrigued. I don’t know about y’all, but I am not so sure about pitching myself or my stories to anyone. The culture we live in seems ever-changing and fickle. What’s in one moment is out the next.  It seems exhausting to me!

I just want to share my stories.  We all have them and can learn from each other!  At fifty-one, I have been married for almost thirty years, raised three kids with their dad, worked as a stay at home mom for twelve years, and now as an educator for seventeen years.

I enjoy being fifty-one, going gray and sharing what I have learned along the way.  We all have “stuff” in our lives we have been through or can share that might help someone else.  I think the combination of successes, failures, opened doors, closed doors and challenges define us and refine us. This stuff makes us stronger, shows how to love deeply and how to appreciate all that we have. I always pray that my words and social media posts might brighten someone’s day.   

The tag line for this website and blog is “Restoring Our Century Farm One Project at a Time”.  Usually a farm project is the focus for a post.  At any given time, Carl and I have several projects happening simultaneously. Right now, the new barn is close to completion, and the electrical and plumbing work should be finished this week just in time for cooler weather.  Hallelujah! 

We are having some timber cut soon, fencing replaced, and creating some more pasture for our cows.  On deck is siding for the house, a new shelter for the cows and a new roof for the workshop.  There is a continuous list of to-dos to maintain this place!  I am sure you can relate whether you live on a farm or not!   We all have so much going on!

As I write this post, I am reminded about the importance of restoring ourselves, so that we can continue to give to others.  I am a wife, a mom, a mimi, a daughter, a sister, and a high school librarian.  I am constantly giving my time and my energy to others.  In addition to the important people in my life, there are the cows, donkeys, chickens, and dogs here at the farm to help care for too.  

So, here we are at the beginning of fall, such a beautiful time of year in North Carolina, and I am reminded to step back and allow for a little restoration for myself too.  As the days grow shorter, it feels like a cozy time to cook some comfort food, enjoy a fire in the fireplace and slow down just a bit.  (Some favorite recipes coming soon!)

My list of ways to restore a little balance in my busy life is pretty simple.  Exercise is on the top of the list, both physically and spiritually.  I love to take long walks here at the farm, to go hiking in the mountains, and to practice yoga.  My garden is my happy place!

I am constantly reminded though, that to navigate each day, I need to make sure I strengthen my spiritual well-being too.  Devotional time is so important, and when I don’t root myself in God’s word before I pick up my phone and start checking emails and social media sites, my day is off-balanced right from the start.  As I write this I think about how easy it is for me to jump into the busyness of any given day, and Lord knows, I can unfortunately put Him on the back burner.  So personally, my prayer this fall is to slow down, and spend some time restoring a routine of quiet time with God each day.

Restoration for me is also found in time spent with family and friends.  Laughter is indeed good medicine!  More time with my close friends and family is definitely in order for the fall!  

So, as I continue to help Carl with projects here at The Farm, and experiment with fall gardening for the first time, I hope you will join me in carving out some time for personal restoration too.  Our culture tends to gear up for the fall and winter holidays in a way that is anything but restorative.  May we each look to this new season as a time to slow down, reflect and indeed restore, before the holiday season is upon us and we are wrapping Christmas gifts!

Take care everyone!


Psalm 23

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