Friday’s Farm Minute

Hello from the western Piedmont of North Carolina! Today, as our nation reflects on the events of 9/11/2001, I am thankful for our country, for the indomitable spirit of the American people, and for the freedom we have living in the United States of America. I pray for the families and friends of those who lost their lives on this unforgettable day nineteen years ago.

Reflection is good. Pausing to honor lives lost and sacrifices made to protect others is important. Pushing a reset button on priorities that matter most to us is sometimes necessary, as it is so easy to get caught up in “doing” things that we can forget what is important! For me, today is a good day to slow down and refocus. The news media bombards us with stories, often trying to telling us what to think. The lines have been blurred between entertainment and sports spilling over into cultural commentary. So, I like to step away from the cacophony of distractions and focus on what matters most for my family.

When I post about the farm, I use the hashtag, “Faith, family, farm”. To me, that statement is much more than a hashtag. It is a commitment to honoring God, my family and our life built around the farm, and all three are intertwined. What a precious gift from above to not only have faith to guide me, but also my family and our North Carolina Century Farm. Being a steward of this farm, the land and the animals is a labor of love, often a joy, and some of the hardest work I have ever done!

So, in the spirit of hardworking Americans across the country, enjoy today’s #FarmMinute vlog. I wish you all a great day and a wonderful upcoming weekend. Hug your loved ones, remember those who tragically lost their lives on 9/11/01, and thank our first responders and military members for their tireless sacrifice to protect and serve us each day!

Friday’s #FarmMinute

2 Comments on “Friday’s Farm Minute

  1. Hi from another Western NC blogger (Shelby). We’ve been meaning to do the Century Farm Program and went about getting copies of the deeds, but then got busy and have yet to send in the application. Not sure if you’re growing fall produce to sell, but beware of cabbage loopers on the greens–learned the hard way they can put a major dent in production.


    • Hello!! Thanks for the heads up on the cabbage loopers! I had a time this year with potato bugs, so I will certainly beware! This year will probably be an experiment in feeding ourselves vs. trying to sell to others, but maybe, if we have success we might sell some things! The NC Century Farm distinction is fun. My husband Carl went to one of the luncheons at the state fair a couple of years ago that they have just for the Century Farm owners. We actually have a paper trail back to 1818, so one day, we can be on the record as being a true bicentennial farm. Hope all is well with you in Shelby from our farm in Gastonia!


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